The first edition of EnviroSpill brings the most prominent and esteemed speakers and audience from all around the globe on a solitary dais. This year, the conference brings the together a variety of audience from different sectors to share and learn new technologies and methods to prevent & protect the environment from Oil spill.


As an oil & gas sector & Marine industry leader, I’ve put a lot of thought into prevention, preparedness and response against oil spill. Speaking at RECSO EnviroSpill gives me an opportunity to grow my network. It provides me with an opportunity to connect with other leaders and implementers who have introduced new, advanced and affective initiatives that can mitigate the alarming ill-effects of spill on environment, Gulf-Seas ad Marine life.


While I am a stakeholder to this industry I feel a strong inclination towards the case-studies, research data, business opportunities and international policies. RECSO EnviroSpill 2019 is an opportunity for me to address all my interest areas and also gain feedback about our initiatives from the industry stakeholders. By being a part of the community, I know that I will meet other like-minded peers and I’m going to come away better equipped to tackle these abrupt circumstances.


I belong to the industry and represent the product/service provider community in the space of prevention, preparedness and response to oil spill and its consequential ill effects. I believe RECSO EnviroSpill 2019 will give me the absolute platform to showcase my product/services. As I will enjoy getting in front of the audience at RECSO EnviroSpill 2019, I will also get a an opportunity to express my thoughts on industry’s advancements and I can help them getting their hands on the understanding of protecting the gulf and marine life from oil spill and it’s after effects.


Since the event is based out of UAE, it will give me a great opportunity to network with the thought leaders of the leading oil and gas companies of the world. I’ll also benefit hearing from them about their initiatives and experiences on the subject of oil spill prevention, preparedness and response.