Being the first edition, RECSO EnviroSpill Conference 2019 is held in Abu Dhabi, capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

The conference will revolve around the theme “TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE CLEAN SEAS – PREVENTION | PREPAREDNESS | RESPONSE”. Topic and subject line of the conference is dedicated on the three principle parameters “Prevention, Preparedness & Response” tuned to achieve cleaner & sustainable Gulf Seas.

RECSO EnviroSpill 2019 Topics

  • Regional Challenges in Oil Spill
  • Oil Spill Management
  • Oil Spill Preparedness & Response
  • Oil Spill Management & Lessons Learnt
  • Oil Spill - The impact on the Environment & Waste Management
  • Remote Sensing Technologies
  • Global Policies & Regulations in Oil Spill Response
  • Competency Assessment & Organisational Capabilities
  • Mutual Aid – Regional & International Alliances
  • Mechanism of Oil Spill Response Operations, Claims and Compensation
  • Chemical Spill Management